Join us for this year's Mermaid Run

Burgee Dave's at the Mayo

    Do Mermaids actually run? Why yes, they sure do! Join us for our fourth annual, 163 mile Poker Run which will take you through the Sierra Mountains from Camptonville to La Port , Gray Eagle, Bassets , Sierra City, Downieville, Indian Valley and back to Camptonville. Ride your Motorcycles- there will be many of you. Or, break out your Classic Car or Exotic Sports Car or Limo. We will culminate at the end with a surprise Roast and Live Music from "Sacannah Blue." Guaranteed you'll also find Mermaids along the way.

     Our 6th annual Mermaid Run for 2018 will take place on August 18th. You can register right now on our website before ticket prices increase (the week before the event). Fill out our online form to secure your space today. Cost will be $40 per person and $55 per couple for pre-registration. Cost will increase starting August 13th to $45 per person and $60 per couple. Remember to bring a can of food to donate to our local food bank. Thank you and we'll see you here!

2017 Mermaid Run @ Burgee Daves